Thursday, December 7, 2006

There Is A Place

[A Collection of Poems and Prose]
Tariq Ansaar Aquil

THERE IS A PLACE where the only points of orientation are your center.
Up is above your head and down is under your feet. Your heart is the compass and Truth is the magnetic North upon which it is fixed.

What was relevant evaporates and around you appears to be a vast void at times
Here, all previous experiences are exposed as mere existence in comparison because this is the place where life begins.

The Journey that has brought you here is unique in that most Journeys merely change sights and sounds. This Journey has been re-creating your values, your desires your perceptions and conceptions. The Journey is organic and has been changing you from the inside outward. Once here you can no more return to your former mind set than Nicademus could re-enter his Mothers womb.

There is a parallel of sorts in the human body. In the brain is the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). No blood can pass through this area of the brain, only one substance is allowed to enter and pass through and that is sugar. Seventy-five percent of all the sugar that enters the body is taken by the brain for its use. Although the head makes up only one seventh of the total body area the brain takes the sweetest substance for itself. The Blood Brain Barrier forbids the entry of any lessor substance. This place is like the Blood Brain Barrier, but here the only thing that can travel through is Love.

THERE IS A PLACE, where the roles of many things are reversed or non-existent. Here Love is the Leader and Intellect follows. Love is the Motivator and Truth is the Activator. The searchlight of Intellect is the tool used by Love to identify, evaluate, dissect, extract and apply.

Love selects the objects and issues, then turns the searchlight of the intellect upon those issues to illuminate and perform its role.

THERE IS A PLACE where we all must become bilingual. Language here looses reference to the grosser applications and takes on loftier meanings. Here Love and Truth are Interchangeable.

THERE IS A PLACE, where there are no male or female, there is only that which identifies Truth and that which nurtures it. Husband is the function that extrudes and ferrets out the essential potential of our being and wife is all that which supports its realization.

THERE IS A PLACE, where Love is the purpose that Motivates the Journey and thereby brings into our view Truth which is the fruit of our search and leads to our personal Peace!

Loneliness is a by-product of the Journey because you travel away from what was comfortable and known. Traveling away from sources that validate the previous state of mind; traveling to a new awareness.

To eliminate loneliness one must change what brought them comfort, Happiness and joy. No easy task! The New Purpose, (The Journey) must become your constant companion.
Your joy must be each newly identifiable Truth and its ability to further fuel your Journey.

IN THIS PLACE, this knowledge must remain paramount: You are being propelled by the Creator of us all, through His Power of Love, which He Has Implanted in us as a Motivator toward Truth. This is the salvation and Liberator of our true self, (The Soul) from the decoration and tapestry of life. A tapestry that many have confused with life itself. To do anything less than this Journey is to fail to rise to our God Given potential and the reason for this present existence.

The Creator of the Universe, Created it out of Truth. By doing so, Truth to varying degrees exist in all things in this Universe.

IN THIS PLACE, we must be like the thrifty shopper, being selective in where we shop and what we buy. Some knowledge is full of nutrients, some is simply fattening allowing us to appear wise in Intellect, yet being without: muscle or bone.

Some knowledge is like junk food having no real nutritional value, being unable to feed our appetite for truth or quench our thirst for Love. The purest sustenance I know of to dine on is the Word of God.

No matter how much further you feel you have to travel on this path in this place, at some point in time as you reach up you must reach out to others who are seeking what you now know resides IN THIS PLACE!

Share what is manageable for them from what you have received, have no fear of excess. Like water filling a glass, when they are full the rest will simply run off, one can only receive and retain what is relevant to where they are in their personal Journey. But, by sharing you are compelled to conceptualize, actualize and vocalize, what have only been feelings and swirling trains of thought. In helping others you too are helped, a Truth on Earth and in Heaven.

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